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Do you find it hard to enjoy motherhood?

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"Elise is so knowledgeable and passionate about this area and gaining a better understanding of these issues has been hugely valuable in helping to let go of some of the guilt and struggle associated with being a working mum." - Anonymous 
Learn how patriarchal and capitalist ideology structure your thinking to shape your view of motherhood
Get a written summary of the course 
Gain clarity about why you feel so much guilt all the time

Still not sure if this masterclass is right for you? Maybe these answers will help

  • Who is this for?
    This book is designed for anybody who identifies as a mother, or who simply wants to learn more about motherhood within patriarchal and capitalist society.
  • What sort of environment will it be?
    My online spaces and courses welcome all people, including the LGBTQI+ community. I am doing my own antiracism work as a white person and aim to integrate anti-racist ideas into my own teaching practices, while also acknowledging that I am not an authority on these matters. I aim for my online spaces to be safer spaces for all people. Part of the reason that I believe in teaching feminist philosophy in the way I do is to do so outside of the academic world that so often perpetuates social systems of oppression and hierarchy. I, like all human beings, have biases that I am to continually reflect on. I continue to work toward these goals, and am open to feedback in this regard. I believe we’re all learning as we try our best to breathe a better world.
  • What if I can’t make it to the live?
    There will be a recording available so you can listen whenever suits you.
  • How do I know if I qualify for equity pricing?
    This is a matter of personal discretion. I trust each individual not to take advantage of this system.
  • What if I can’t afford the equity fee but want to join?
    Contact me about getting your fee paid for by the donations of generous members of my online community .
  • What's your refund policy?
    All sales are for courses are final, but if you experience any problems, please get in touch


My feminist ideals go into every aspect of my business, including my pricing. That’s why I’ve implemented a full fee and equity fee model for my courses and consults. I also offer an option for you to contribute to paying for part or all of a course payment for somebody who can’t afford it. For contributions to fees, I will use the equity price— that means that contributions adding up to the equity price will account for one place in a course for someone who can’t afford it. 

If you want to contribute to buying somebody a place in the Identity in Motherhood course, go to book now and choose how much you’d like to contribute. 

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