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Meet Elise

Philosophy educator

I'm Elise- an Australian

philosophy educator with

a background in

academic philosophy

(MA) and early childhood

education. After teaching

philosophy at an

academic level and to

the public, and working

with kids, I became

passionate about public

philosophy. In particular, I

am developing resources and courses on philosophy and feminism for parents and kids. I believes that philosophical and intersectional feminism connects directly to our everyday, lived experience and that they can be explained in super easy, relatable ways.

I believe that big ideas don't need to be complicated! With my background in various levels of education, it's my passion to communicate concepts in a way everyone can understand. 

Get ready for courses and resources that will set you up for parenting in a way that integrates your values.

What's to come?

I'm going to provide eye-opening courses on topics that are so important to parenting today. From feminism to critical thinking, I'll break down ideas in a way that your tired parent brain can deal with. 

Whether you're a social activist or just looking to learn a little more, this is the place for you! People of all education levels and backgrounds are welcome this inclusive space. 

Let's learn to become better parents to raise kids for the future than we want them to live in without the judgement or parent shaming. 

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